Wednesday, 25 June 2014



Flug in German means Air and Tag means the day. On this very day people celebrate the air day by an air show

Flying is such an interesting fact. So many times as children we would have just tied mamas veil around our neck and wrist and tried to fly by flapping hands. I am sure most of us loved doing it, girls imagined themselves as angels or butterflies and boys doting themselves as Super man.
Even today when we hear an aircraft on the sky we see kids being ecstatic about it.Certainly this would not only be the sound of the flight that gets them so much excited, but something to do with the fact of flying. 

Just to capture these blithe people celebrate the Air Day all across the world at various occasions. I guess this would also be one of the ways to remember all the great legends who tried to invent the air planes. The great legend Leonardo Da Vinci in 1948 made the first real studies of flight and produced drawings of primitive flying machines. A light hang glider and a machine resembling a helicopter were just two among many. 

During Flugtag the same legacy is carried forward, where participants exhibit their wired creations expecting it would fly. This indeed is so much of fun to see, where these mean machines drown them just after a few meters of flight. 

Take a glimpse of it through this video:

This was the air show for you. Meet you next with a FiFa Mirror over the weekend, till then Bye- Bye from Bookmysport.

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