Saturday, 21 June 2014

FIFA Fan Mirror 1

What an experience to watch this FIFA world cup. 

We all like sports in general but Football world cup is unique in every aspect. It’s a high voltage drama which takes the entire globe in its wave. It is fun to stay up the entire night to see those goals. Let’s have a quick summary of a couple of stories yielding around this drama :

 # We have an old couple who are in their mid-70’s from Calcutta ready to go to Brazil to witness their 12th world cup match. They say it’s just not possible for them to miss such a thrill live at the stadium. That’s what we mean when we at book my sport say experience the “Be There” feeling, as this feeling is not only enthralling but always unforgettable.

# Athithi Devo bhavo.The guests are god. So obviously their demands have to be fulfilled. Let’s take a peek into the demands that some teams have:
Team demands at World Cup hotels
Special Requirement
Silent air conditioning
A computer console in every room
A copy of the Quran in every room
Jacuzzi in every room
Liquid soap instead of the bar type of soap
Ecuadorian bananas in every room

Humn, I wonder if the computer console has got something to do with the poor sportsmanship of the Portuguese team.

Well this is it for now will get back to you the next Saturday with some more peek on FIFA with a different angle. Till Then bookmysport says tchau. Do see our blog on a random sport the next Wednesday.

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