Saturday, 14 June 2014

FIFA in the air!

Hey Guys FIFA is in and we have caught in the mood too.  At least for few days from now we shall be on it. But I must tell you in advance this is not going to be the match update or the player update. This is going to be a mirror update where mirror is FIFA.  IT is our image or reflection you may say with a big gigantic mirror called FIFA.
To begin with:

# how does it sound going to FIFA for a study tour. Well it all happens in India. We  have a
group of Ministers from Goa going on a study tour for FIFA. Wow Goa it’s always

#surely the new adiddas add with legends and there latest best players playing is a treat to
our eyes. My pals are crazy they just keep rewinding the video and watch it on and on. Its
indeed worth it.

# Girls wearing short black dresses and high heels well don’t let your imagination awry . 
These girls in the video are not showing off their well sculpted body but the crazy tactics of
football.Thats what I call as a heel affair.

#the football haircut I am sure none of us could have given it a miss. Right from the Indian
Captain to my corporate office colleagues everyone is sporting this cut.  This makes me say
that football is not only in air but also on everybody’s hair. With so much of passion and 
lover for this game it makes me say “All in One Rhythm”.

Till the next blog Bookmysport says "Be there”!

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